Legal Clauses

This internet website (to be referred to hereinafter as the “website”) with the extension www.evyap.com.tr  which all rights belong to Evyap Sabun Yağ Gliserin Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (to be referred to hereinafter as “Evyap”) with registered address at Ayazağa Mah., Kemerburgaz Cad., No:1, 34396, Sarıyer İstanbul is subject to the legal clauses stipulated herein.

Provisions related to confidentiality take place in the “Privacy Statement” which is issued under a separate heading of the website.

By visiting, using or surfing in this website, you herewith agree these legal clauses without any limitation and objection.

1. The accuracy of the information on the website

Although Evyap shows effort for the accuracy of the information and materials in this website, Evyap does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and materials on this website. Evyap may conduct any changes in the information and materials of this website or in the products displayed in the website without further notification. The information and material in this website may not be up to date and Evyap des not give any commitment to update the said information and material. No responsibility shall be laid on Evyap due to defects to occur/having occurred in this website and due to incorrect information in this website.

2. Intellectual Property

Any information and content in this website including but not limited to brands, logos, texts, graphics, images, sound clips and software which will be considered in the scope of intellectual property are under the ownership of Evyap, its affiliates, subsidiaries and license providers and are protected by law of the Republic of Turkey and international law.

Without Evyap’s prior written consent; any information, brand, logo, text, graphic, image, sound clip in this website cannot be used, reproduced and resold in part or in full.

The material and software used in this website can be used only upon Evyap’s approval and as a commercial resource for the purpose of doing business with Evyap.

Any intellectual property rights of third parties including trademarks and titles appearing in this website are the property of the related third parties.

3. Link / Other Websites

In this website, hyper-links to other websites operated by third parties may be available. In this case, Evyap will be responsible for the content of this website cannot be held responsible in any manner for other websites’ content, safety, quality, products which are sold/information is given in the said websites, delivery or campaign conditions or other functions of such websites. The hyperlinks of third parties on this website is for the users’ convenience only Evyap does not hold any responsibility under any name related to websites of third parties. In case of access to a third party website through this website or hyperlink via this website, the accessed website, its operator or content shall not be deemed approved or guaranteed by Evyap.

4. Indemnification

If any third party should be exposed to any loss or should claim from Evyap any indemnification under any name due to your use of this website and breaching these legal clauses, you are accepting to hold Evyap harmless from such losses. By reading these legal clauses and visiting this website; you accept to indemnify any direct and/indirect losses which Evyap has incurred upon your use of this website and breach of these legal clauses, upon Evyap’s first request and fully paid in cash.

5. Governing Law and Place of Jurisdiction

This Privacy Statement is subject to the law of the Republic of Turkey and any disputes which may arise due to this Privacy Statement shall be settled in the Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices of the Republic of Turkey.

6. Other Clauses

Evyap reserves the right to make any changes in these Legal Clauses. In case of any changes in these Legal Clauses, such changes will come into effect by publishing in this website. No provision taking place in these Legal Clauses shall be construed as making an impression of any partnership, agency, dealership relation between the website user and Evyap.

These Legal Clauses and the Privacy Statement taking place under a separate heading in the website comprise a whole and if any provision does not take place in any of these clauses the provision taking place in the other clauses shall be applicable. The breach of these Legal Clauses will be deemed as a breach of the privacy Statement as well and for the consequences of the said breach, the penal or indemnity provisions in the two clauses which are stricter shall be applied.  If Evyap’s interest requires, in case of breaching two texts, to claim for separate responsibilities of the breaching person or persons, Evyap shall be entitled to take any legal measures and injunctions to remedy the breach regardless of which one will lead to stricter consequences.

If you have any question, comment or suggestion related to these Legal Clauses please do not hesitate to contact us [your e-mail address and contact details have to be included].z