Who We Are

Time flies, but happy memories with EVYAP remains!

A success story which started with big dreams in a small atelier in Erzurum in 1927...

Evyap’s founder Mehmet Rıfat Evyap’s biggest principle was to produce quality goods, as he started his adventure with one of the most natural symbols of hygiene; soap. Today, all products manufactured with state of the art technology are presented to people of all age within this basic principle. With the quality Evyap has achieved, it has become an essential part of life in many categories; from soap to shower gel, from shampoo to shaving products, from skin care creams to perfumed cosmetics and from baby diapers to toothpaste.

EVYAP performs an important part of the soap and personal care product exports of Turkey and transports its name to more than 100 countries. Besides to the world’s biggest oleo chemicals facility established in Malaysia in addition to other plants located in Turkey and Egypt, Evyap runs its production operations in 3 different countries worldwide and in accordance with European standards.

Comprising many major brands such as Duru, Arko Men, Arko Nem, Evy Baby, Fax and Activex, Evyap has been awarded to participate in the Turquality program with its Duru and Arko brands in 2006. Further, Evyap operates Evyapport, Turkey’s fourth biggest private port which corners the market in the International arena.

Evyap pays strict attention and care for the use of natural resources with its innovative projects and investments and also continues its research and development operations in the field of personal hygiene and care focused products. With more than 3,000 employees Evyap holds its position among the first 100 industry companies of Turkey and provides “contracted production” services for the world’s leading companies.


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